Immigration in Italy is commonly conceived as a new and alarming phenomenon. Harsh debates from opposing standpoints on the topic inevitably impose a blinding rhetoric of the phenomenon. Indeed, the cultural bond between Italy and Africa is without a doubt not a recent one as the Mediterranean Sea has been crossed profusely in both directions. For many years now African communities have settled in Italy, some arrived through colonial inheritance and others spontaneously migrated. A new generation of women and men was born from this cultural encounter: one that is busy carrying out seemingly small but essential revolutions.

The series of portraits entitled Black Italians recounts the stories of Italo Africans: the children of Europe that look into their origins and absorb their cultural idiosyncrasies. Thus, who if not this new generation can tailor their cultural identity and take a step beyond the mainstream narrative of immigration: disembarkations at Lampedusa.
Through their jobs and aspirations Afro Italiansstate their own identity. Their dreams become the symbols of a new era and bouncing from one shot to another revealing a different and yet to be known story.

"Blackitalians" is a work in progress project.