“The dress code to participate in the Coronavirus Masked Ball”

Undeniably, we live in a masked world, where the iconic item on the thrown is now the face-mask; wearing it to leave our homes as stealthy cats with our self-certification in hand. It appears that during the time of quarantine the imagination of many has thrived. Indeed, numerous alternative proposals of the standard produced face-mask arose, potentially, to create a new cool reputation for the object or just to make it socially more acceptable.

So, while strolling down the street, we see a sea of covered faces with masks of every liking, from the standard surgical ones, ffp2 or ffp3, to more fashionable and sporty ones. Truly today the face-mask is a symbol of protection against diseases and pollution, so instilling a sense of security, however, it is also becoming an accessory intrinsically involved in our sense of identity.

While wearing a face-mask half of our facial features disappear however, it most prominently hides the one feature linked to our verbal language and smiling ability.

So inevitability nullifying an essential part of our interpersonal communication.

We have forcibly transformed into interpreters of this new page of history that is “the War against the virus”, we prepare, and live our daily lives, as the legendary warriors of the past. Just like knights, tailored in armour, masking and shielding their faces, intimating the enemy with a glace and ready to step into battle.