Athens, July 2015, Syntagma Square.

Scorching, almost suffocating heat. Here the much-debated greek crisis is not visible and it's hard to feel it. the city is packed with crazy traffic, lines of cars with a soundtrack of car horns; and a flood of bikers invading streets, sidewalks and squares.
These are the athens riders. they are of all ages and have all kinds of motorcycles.

Because what really matters is to always keep your head out of the window.and you immediately think of the former minister of finance Yanis Varoufakis with his bold head, his cool style, his muscular appearance and his Yamaka 1300cc motorcycle.
The anti-troika man, the motorcyclist in a black "Marlon Brando" leather jacket, unconventional politician and head of a tenacious biker gang who chose the motorcycle as the fundamental ingredient of their lifestyle.
The athens bikers portraied in the following pictures - Varoufakis being the most famous of them - don't use their motorcycle as a simple means of transport.

It is rather their purpose, through which they define the different aspects of their life and everyday routine.
Also, a surprising figure reveals that despite the economic difficulties, during the first trimester of 2015 the motorcycle sales in athens increased by 10.9% compared to the same period last year. An unpredictable figure that speaks volumes about what the motorcycle means to the athenian urban bikers portrayed in these pictures.